It has been stated that many women only receive amazing gifts of flowers twice in their life… initially at their wedding, and again, at their funeral.

Giving gifts of jewellery, clothing, dinners at special restaurants, holidays and the many other wonderful items are commonplace.

Following last weeks blog, A Gift of Flowers Will Enhance Emotional Health I have received some interesting comments from males.

A long-term male reader of our blogs commented that “there is a reluctance of a males in Australia to express appreciation, and to do it with flowers doesn’t happen very often.”

“In spite of this hurdle, I bought a couple of bunches of daffodils a few weeks back to gift to Anne (not her real name), a lady who works in Valet Parking at my shopping mall.”

“We chat, as persons with familiarity do, and I learned her ex-husband had killed himself the previous week. His and her son, who lives with her, has been experiencing mental instability for a year or so, and she and I have talked about that also.”

“But to feel her pain was a moment of truth for me, and on my next visit the flowers were a gesture of emotional support. She was still grieving so her appreciation was not exuberant, however, this is expected behaviour and she was very appreciative as she settles into her new normal state of being.”

“It is about the principle not the person. And the emotional health is bidirectional for the giver and the receiver.”

Last week I related in my writing of the three massive bunches of flowers we purchased as special gifts for our PAs, for the absolutely amazing job they did in setting up our new office.

As Judy and I arrived that day with these three massive bunches of brightly coloured flowers at our car in the mall car park on route back to our office, a beautiful dear woman of 85 plus was unpacking her trolley into her car beside us.

The awesome beauty of these flowers and the sheer size of each bunch absolutely rocked her.

She said… “In all my years I have never seen bunches of flowers like these, who are they for?” We told her and she said, “oh, what sheer joy you are bringing to those women’s lives, I would have loved it if my bosses had bought me even a tiny bunch of flowers in all my working years here.” She had tears in her eyes.

Judy and I smiled at each other and asked her to close her eyes and put out her arms. We placed one of the monster bunches into her outstretched arms.

The tears flooded and Judy helped this dear woman with her shopping and getting the flowers into her front passenger seat, as I returned to the florist to purchase monster bunch #4.

Random acts of kindness are a very powerful way of turning on the bodies ‘happy hormones’ for both the receiver and the giver. These hormones are the bodies de-stressors.

The secretion that day of oxytocin – bonding; serotonin – feel good and calm; and endorphins – euphoria was felt by all three of us.

High quality cut flowers will often last for weeks if cared for and bring constant joy to the receiver.


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