An excellent article titled ‘The Truth About WORKPLACE WELLBEING’ was published in the Melbourne Herald Sun on Sunday on 4th November 2018.

In a bid to discover more, the paper teamed up with the experts at YouGov Galaxy for the 2018 Body & Soul Work-Life Survey – a nationwide poll that asked Aussies about their work wellbeing: what do they want from their workplace to feel healthy and happy? What are their employers doing right, and what’s desperately needed?

These are just some of the concerning areas uncovered during the nationwide YouGov Galaxy poll, conducted in partnership with Medibank. While they might come as a surprise to some, the experts aren’t so shocked.

“But it’s not all doom and gloom; a whopping 77 per cent of employees say their workplace positively affects their wellbeing. “

Some highlights from this revealing article are below (for full article

“When comparing industry sectors, it’s health and education workers who mostly feel that their wellbeing isn’t being supported at work.”


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Healthy Ways to Manage Stress – 3 ENERGY BOOSTS – Dr Judy Hinwood

The Workplace Wishlist
Preventative health screenings, 29% of workers want this

Subsidised gym memberships, 28% of workers want this

Stress, anxiety or sleep education classes, 27% of workers want this

Mental-health and resilience coaching, 26% of workers want this

Flexible work conditions, 25% of workers want this

In the Stress arena the comments were…
“Workers view stress as one of the main issues employers should address. Regularly checking in with employees to see if anything can be done to make the week easier can help.”

“Millennials are a key group to watch out for as they don’t have the same amount of perspective and resilience as older workers. Our poll also revealed them to be the most stressed demographic. “

“People need to look after themselves, too. It’s important to take time out during the day; you’re not meant to be on a hamster wheel 24/7.”

“Here’s a puzzling statistic: although almost 90 per cent of Australian workers feel that companies have a responsibility to look after their health and wellbeing, 56 per cent of organisations have no formal policies in place. In fact, despite the growing awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle, 70 per cent of employees don’t feel their workplace supports this practice enough. “

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