You’re ‘Out of Wack’

Professor Alan Smith (let’s call him that) was a Molecular Physicist who was involved in very complicated research. He was highly analytical and a deep thinker. He was very stressed as his lower back pain had been present for over two years and it was getting worse daily.

He had seen many medical specialists and other therapists constantly over the previous two years. He knew he had a physical problem that was causing him constant debilitating pain, and he most definitely was not, a ‘head case’ as he had been told by numerous specialists.

Endless xrays and other scans had been taken of his spine, blood tests and many other diagnostic procedures had been carried out. These gave his doctors no answers.

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His diagnosis was, idiopathic (unknown origin) spinal pain. He was very stressed, upset and didn’t know where to turn next. He had asked several specialists should he see a chiropractor and was told NO! The last specialist he saw had told him, “if your see one of those quacks, he’ll probably kill you!!”

Alan finally decided that he had to take massive action and he followed the advice of a friend who referred him to our practice as this was his last possible resort to get well.

During his initial consultation, he told me that his unbearable pain was only brought on by standing and when sitting and lying down the pain went away. I asked him how many of the extensive xrays he had with him were taken with him standing. His answer was, “NONE!”

After completing my examination, I told him I was very confident that chiropractic care had the answer he was looking for. His demeanor instantly changed and a sparkle came into his eyes.

As the saying goes, ‘words are real forces’.

My final step on his initial visit was to take some more spinal xrays, this time, standing!

The next morning when I saw him we reviewed his xrays together. On one view box was an xray of a normal pelvis and lower lumbar spine and on the other view box was his pelvis and lower lumbar spine.

I asked him to take a few minutes and study the xrays and tell me if he could see any differences. This highly intelligent and analytical mind that knew nothing about xray analysis gave me a wonderfully accurate description of what was wrong biomechanically with his pelvis compared the normal pelvis that was on the view box beside it.

He turned to me and asked, “What is your diagnosis?”

I answered… “You’re Out of Wack”

He answered …“a picture is worth a thousand words!”

I set about correcting the cause of his problem and instantly he started to improve and the pain started to dissipate.

We both chuckled about the prophesy he had been given by his last specialist … “he’ll probably kill you!!”, fortunately, Alan was emotionally resilient and he lived.

Alan’s recovery was also supported by his practice of the five habits of being emotionally resilient.

Thoughts, words and emotions are real forces, real energy and they are an amazing source of either destruction or elation in your life. Remember, you’re ALWAYS in the driver’s seat.

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