In the mid 1980s I had a weekly massage from a woman who was very skilful in supporting her clients to enter a deep state of relaxation at the start of each massage session. I always had my massage late on a Tuesday morning after rising early and running in the forest for 10 kilometres or going for a long cycle.

Using her intuitive skills Rhonda would always start yawning and stretching prior to beginning massaging me and she would encourage me to do the same. She told me she had been taught this skill early in her career and she had no idea how it worked in the body to bring about instant change and relax her clients. I was always so relaxed after this activity that she had to wake me and ask me to roll over onto my back at the half way point of my full body massage.

Recently I came across a fascinating e-book, 10 Mind Blowing Discoveries About the Human Brain by Mark Waldman a speaker and expert on human brain function and neuro wisdom.

Waldman states that when you are extremely stressed that neural activity in your brain can be disrupted in a major way. Worry, procrastination or excessive periods of concentration can create this overstress that the body reacts to in a negative way.

He suggests the fastest way to interrupt this brain activity is yawning. How it works is that it lowers the hyperactivity in the frontal lobe. He goes onto say that if you combine yawning with slow stretching and gentle stroking of your arms and hands, you enter a state of deep relaxation in about a minute.

Here we are thirty years on and how this simple tool works is explained. Give it a go, I know you will be very pleasantly surprised.

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